MODÈLISTE | The coat

I've banned myself from shopping.

Not completely, but I decided that I needed to cut down on the amount of clothes I purchased and to make sure that when I did make a purchase, it's a good quality one. I always ask myself "do I need it?" and "can I make it myself?", I mean as a designer, it makes sense that I wear my own creations regularly (several encounters have taught me lesson or two).

So with that in mind, a couple of months ago when the weather went from cold to freezing I decided my battered biker jacket was no longer cutting it and I had to make a coat.

 photo DIY1_zps3eda6bb8.jpg
 photo DIY2_zps569ac6c4.jpg
 photo DIY4_zps385611d1.jpg
 photo DIY3_zps3779a03c.jpg

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