So yes, I’ve started another blog.


I considered revamping Strut Mode but I just couldn’t work with that blog anymore. I didn’t blog for over a month, not because I was too busy but because I stopped caring about it. Pretty much, every other day I would think about the blog and updating it felt like an absolute chore. I then started to question whether I still liked blogs, blogging, and the blogosphere. I hadn’t even touched my bloglovin’ reading list in about 2 months (and I’m so precious about my blog reading so that was a big deal) and I finally realised that I simply got bored, and needed to focus my blog on what I actually do so that I don’t struggle to find content to post.

I was really attached to my previous blog name (Strut Mode), but a very similar name is being used on another fashion related blog which was irksome but sometimes you just need a fresh start (though the name lives on through my tumblr and another form which you will find out about one day), and as a pattern cutter/designer I think ‘Modéliste’ is very fitting.


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